The Influence of Internship Site Supervisors on Counseling Interns’ Levels of Social-Cognitive Development and Occupational Stress

Sara Meghan Walter, Glenn Lambie


Supervision has been described as a vehicle for promoting supervisees’ social-cognitive development; however, little is known about how site supervisors’ characteristics may influence their supervisees. This study examined the ego development and occupational stress of counseling interns (N = 96) and the ego development and engagement in post-degree clinical supervision activity of their site supervisors (N = 54). School counseling interns experienced higher levels of occupational role stress and lower levels of personal resources than interns in the other tracks, and interns’ ego development levels were associated with their occupational stress levels. Implications for counselor educators and supervisors are discussed.


professional supervision, counselor characteristics, Counselor Trainees; Occupational Stress; Ego Development

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