Observing the Development of Constructivist Pedagogy in one Counselor Education Doctoral Cohort: A Single Case Design

  • Ann McCaughan University of Illinois Springfield
  • Erin Binkley Oakland University
  • Brandon Wilde Adams State University
  • Shawn Parmanand Walden University
  • Virginia Allen Idaho State University
Keywords: counselor education, pedagogical development, technology in counseling


This study explores the pedagogical development of a doctoral cohort utilizing constructivist teaching theory in a counselor education program. Researchers implemented an A-B-C design, treating the four-member cohort as a single case. A framework consisting of 12 constructivist interventions was used. Implications for counselor education programs are discussed.

Author Biographies

Ann McCaughan, University of Illinois Springfield
Dr. McCaughan is an Assistant Professor and Co-Coordinator of Community Counseling in the Human Development Counseling Program at the University of Illinois Springfield.
Erin Binkley, Oakland University
Dr. Binkley is an Assistant Professor in the Counseling Department at Oakland University. Her professional interests include School Counseling, Career Counseling, and counselor development.
Brandon Wilde, Adams State University
Dr. Wilde is an Assistant Professor at Adams State University. His professional interests include Marriage and Family Counseing, and counselor educators' development of a research agenda.
Shawn Parmanand, Walden University
Dr. Parmanand is a Core Faculty in Walden University's Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling Program. His professional interests involve gatekeeping, student selection and remediation, religion and spirituality, and integrating technology in counselor education.
Virginia Allen, Idaho State University
Dr. Allen is a Professor Emeritus at Idaho State University, where she coordinated the School Counseling Program.