Job Satisfaction and Values of Counselors in Private Practice and Agency Settings

Laura Cunningham, Andrew Daire, Stephanie tenee-lewis Smalls


Counselors work in diverse locations. Yet, very little is known about each setting's optimal person-environment match, which contributes to burnout and turnover in the field. One hundred and thirty-five counselors comprised the sample in a descriptive correlational study from a large city in the Southeastern region of the United States. Instrumentation included: the Schwartz Value Survey, the abridged Job Descriptive Index and Job In General Scale, and the Counselor History Questionnaire. Two one-way MANOVA's and four standard multiple regressions were performed for the analyses. Significant results (F[2,133] = 9.88, p = .000]) suggested practioners rated a higher level of job satisfaction than their counterparts in agency settings, with 12.9% of the variance being accounted for by the variable of work location. The non-significant results of value priorities included that counselors possess similar value priorities. Implications for counselors and counselor educators are presented, along with areas of future research.


Job Satisfaction; person-environment match; counselor burnout; counseling; counselor values

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