Relationship development between racially matched and non-matched counselor supervisors and practicum supervisees: Preliminary findings

James H Payne, Shon D Smith, Barry Tuchfeld, Joffrey S Suprina


Results of racially (RM) and non-racially matched (NRM) supervisory pairs where supervisors attempted to predict supervisees' rathings of the supervisory working alliance (SWA), using the Leeds Alliance in Supervision Scale (LASS; Wainwright, 2010) as the SWA.  The Total LASS Dyad Duifference Scores (i.e., difference between the supervisee's rating and the supervisor's prediction of the rating) showed statistically significant differences in point biserial correlations at Week 1 and not at Weeks 3 or 5 for the RM and NRM dyads.  With the small sample size these results must be considered exploratory.


Counselor Education and Supervision

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