The Impact of Community Based Adventure Therapy Programming on Stress and Coping Skills in Adults

Haley Koperski, Anita R. Tucker, D. Maurie Lung, Michael Gass


Stress coping skills are among the most essential components of the mental health counseling field.  The use of coping skills (e.g., meditation, physical activities, appropriate uses of leisure) has been identified as effective strategies for stress management. Adventure therapy has emerged as a modality that can positively augment other therapeutic approaches by improving coping skills and assisting clients in managing stress. As with all therapies, a positive working alliance has proven to be important toward achieving clinical outcomes. This study explores how adventure therapy enhances learned coping strategies for stress and improves therapeutic alliance.  Outcomes from this initial research illustrate one way to further innovations in the field in terms of fidelity toward effective evidence based programming.


stress; coping; adventure therapy; working alliance

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