School Closures and Mergers: A Business Transaction Impacting Human Capital

Jocelyn M. Bennett-Garraway, Nadine M. Langley, Kylie L. Chaffin


Traditional business models are being used to address school financial concerns, at the potential expense of the development of children. Specifically, at the potential expense of already marginalized populations, with limited academic resources. These students and communities may be losing their voices and power through the application of a business practice that has been found to have a 50% failure rate (Terry & O’Brien, 2001), leading to significant capital loss.  Notably, human capital of underrepresented students is at stake. This article explores the impact closures and mergers have on the school environments, and recommends strategies to address the challenges of school closures and mergers including implications for school counselors.


school closures, school mergers

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