Examining the Relationship between Traumatic Experiences and Posttraumatic Growth among Counselors-in-Training

John A Conteh, Mary J Huber, Huma A Bashir


The present study explored the relationship between experience of trauma and posttraumatic growth (PTG) among 86 graduate level counselors-in-training (CIT). Results indicated that the most frequent trauma endorsed was witnessed or learned about violence to a loved one and the higher the number of traumas experienced related to a higher reported level of personal growth. Overall, 67% of the CIT received support for their trauma by participating in personal counseling. Implications for counselor educators includes an understanding of the potential for trauma impacting students as well as different responses to trauma based on gender and the number of traumas experienced.


Trauma; Posttraumatic Growth; Counseling Education; Counseling; Counselors-in-Training

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